Đề thi APMOPS năm 2012

1) Find the value of 29999+2999+299+29+9

2) ABCD is a parallelogram. P, Q, R, S are the midpoints of the 4 sides of the parallelogram. If the area of the shaded region (the parallelogram in the middle) is 20 cm^2, find the area of the parallelogram ABCD.

3) Jane added up the digits of the whole number 3^{2012} and obtained a new number n_1. She then added up all the digits of n_1 and obtained another number n_1. She continued doing this until she obtained a single digit number. Find the value of this number.

4) The product of 4 consecutive whole numbers is $latex5040$. Find the value of the smallest number.

(còn tiếp)



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